Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tutor Tip Tuesdays: What to Wear

Hello!  I remember starting out as a teacher and a tutor I had no idea what I should wear to my tutoring sessions.  Do I dress for work with dress pants and a blouse?  Or do I go more casual with jeans and a T-shirt?  Or should I dress cute with a sundress? 

What you wear says a lot about yourself, so make sure you are putting out the right message for your tutoring business.  You need to send the message that you are knowledgeable, but also that you are some one that they want their children to spend time with. 

Tip 1: ALWAYS wear an undershirt

I unfortunately learned this the hard way while student teaching in a middle school.  No, it’s not quite as terrible as it sounds, but it was quite mortifying when the teacher’s aid, a somewhat socially awkward college student, mentioned that he could see down my shirt when I was helping a student at their desk.  Embarrassing!!  Save yourself the embarrassment and ALWAYS wear an undershirt.  I prefer the long tank tops from Target because they also hide the dreaded plumber’s crack. 

Tip 2: Bring a sweater

I’m always freezing so I bring sweaters with me everywhere.  The right sweater can immediately make you look more teacherly (shhh… pretend it’s a word).  Also, if you have a wardrobe malfunction, it can almost always be cured with a sweater.  Spilled coffee? Put on a sweater.  Sat in gum? Tie a sweater around your waist.  Shirt doesn’t quite fit properly?  Wear a sweater over it.   Going on a date after and won’t have time to change?  Wear a super cute blouse with a cardigan over it *BAM* you’re a teacher.  Check out this cardigan from Target.  (No, Target isn’t paying me, I just love them).

Tip 3: Do your hair and makeup

Kids respond better to pretty people, it’s science.  Also, pretty people get paid more *cha-ching*. Plus, you’ll look more put together to the parents who will be more likely to hire you again.

Tip 4: Follow a dress code

I am uncomfortable wearing heels and slacks to tutor, so I usually wear jeans and a blouse.  I try to follow what I remember from my high school dress code so I can be a good example to my students and not be distracting them with what I am wearing.  I prefer not to wear open-toed shoes after working with an older man with a foot fetish.  It wasn’t tutoring involved… but still creeped me out enough not to wear open toed shoes while working.  I also seldom wear shorts, I feel that they are too casual.  If it is extremely hot I wear a long sundress, usually with a short-sleeved cardigan.

Comment below

What do you wear to tutor?  What secret tips do you have?


  1. I typically wear a dress shirt and slacks. I usually roll my sleeps up (cool and casual look). Dress shoes are usually a must and always well groomed. Appearance can make or break your next gig.

  2. I usually wear dark jeans and a nice shirt. I LOVE cardigans. Seriously have a ton of them. They are so great though :) I have on occasion worn a fleece or sweatshirt. It was like below zero though and I wanted to be comfortable ha.

  3. Randall, thanks for your male input :) I agree your look can make or break a gig! I always dress a little nicer (business casual) to my first meeting or appointment.

    Rachel, I seriously think we are twins separated at birth!