Free Tutor Resources

Math Worksheets
Dad's Worksheets - k-pre-alg
Kuta - free PDF worksheets (pre-alg to calc)
Freeology - Worksheet creator (Arithmetic)
Glencoe Math Site (Pre-algebra - Algebra 2)
Helping with Math - printable resources and worksheets (k-8th)
Math Aids - Dynamically Created Math Worksheets (k-alg 2)
Math Moves U - Middle School and Algebra - Times Table Worksheets
Mr. Nussbaum - Elementary
Online Math Learning - math worksheets (all grades)
Worksheet Works - User generated worksheets (K-Pre Alg)

Math Games

Arcademics - 1st-6th
Brain Pop - elementary Math Games
Cool Math Games - Elementary level
Fun 4 the Brain - 1st-8th
Hooda Math - k-12
ICT Games - Elementary (British)
Math Game Time - prek - 7th
Math Moves U - Middle School
Math Play Ground - Beginner and Intermediate Math games
Math Run - fast paced math game
Mr. Nussbaum - prek-8th
Multiplication Games - Addition, subtraction, and multiplication
PBS Kids Math Games - Elementary
Primary Games - k-5th
Soft Schools - k-8th math games

Online Math Practice

Khan Academy - Learn new concepts and practice to gain competency
Buzz Math - Middle School Math Practice
Glencoe-McGraw Hill Algebra 1 Tests - Algebra 1 Chapter tests
Glencoe-McGraw Hill Algebra 2 Tests - Algebra 2 chapter tests
Glencoe-McGraw Hill Geometry Tests - Geometry Chapter Tests
IXL - k-12
Mr. Nussbaum - Elementary math practice - online math fact
Project Euler - Challenging math and computer programming problems
ProveIt - practice with two column proofs
ProveIt 2012 - more practice with two column proofs
Ten Marks - Practice, instruction, assessment, and intervention - designed for Common Core Math.

Math Videos

Khan Academy - Learn new concepts and practice to gain competency
Brightstorm - Online Math Videos
Teacher Tube - like youtube for teachers
TED Talks - Ideas worth spreading
The New Boston - Tutorials
Virtual Nerd - 6th grade - algebra 2

Online Math/Education Tools

Class Tools - create your own games, quizzes and activities
CmapTools - Create concept maps
Course Hero - Online study documents
Edmodo - connect with students online
Geogebra - Free dynamic geometry software with functions to graph
Make Beliefs Comix - Make your own comics
Principles of Calculus - Interactive Calculus
Photo Peach - slideshows to go
Story Jumper - Publish your own children’s book
Quizlet - Free online flashcards
Wolfram Alpha - Computational Knowledge Engine

Math Lesson Plans

Curriki - open source curriculum
Dynamite Lesson Plan - Free Lesson Plans
Teacher Certification - free math lesson plan links

Math Books & Courseware

Academic Earth - Free online college courses and videos
Books Should Be Free - Free public domain audiobooks and ebooks
California Learning Resource Network - Free online textbooks aligned with california curriculum
Center of Math - Free higher math text books
CK-12 - Free online textbooks
Connexions - Free online learning materials.  Create your own course
Converting from Fractions to Decimals - Sample Textbook Chapter with answer key (if you change the chapter # you can see additional chapters)
Coursera - Free online courses
Curriki - open source curriculum
edX - Free online college courses
LibriVox - Free audio book and ebooks
Math Open Ref - Free interactive web textbook
Project Gutenburg - Free ebooks
Textbook Revolution- Free online textbooks
Udacity - Free online project based College Courses
University of Reddit - Mostly university level courses
Wallace Math Cources - Algebra text online

Math Lessons/Activities/Projects

Algebra Help - lessons, worksheets, calculators and more
Big Ideas Math - Can use activities, games, and other RTI Activities for free
Cool Math 4 Kids - pre-k to pre-alg
Cool Math pre-alg to calculus
Derive Ze Zombies - calculus lesson on derivatives
Factoring with Mr. Yang and Mosley - Factoring interactive comic lesson
Math Delights - Activities, puzzles, and problems k-6th
Math is Fun - Online text lessons and games (K - Algebra)
NCTM Lessons and Resources - NCTM Lessons and Resources
NRICH - k-12 enrichment activities
PBS Learning Media - online videos, lessons, and lesson plans
Purple Math - Online Math Text Lessons (alg 1 & 2)
Wolfram MathWorld - Online Math Resource
Yummy Math - relevant projects and activities for teachers and students (3rd - high school)

Math Printables

ABC Teach - Elementary grades
David Seah - The Printable CEO Series - Goal Keeping Printables
Games For Learning - Printable games
Heroux Apps - Free paper and form templates
Lapbook Lessons - free printable lapbooks and mini books
Lapbook Templates - blank Printables
Mrs. Hughes' Place - Printable Graphic Organizers
Teacher Vision - Math Graphic Organizers
The School Bell - Printable Game Boards
Tools for Educators - printable games and more

Math Resources

Internet 4 Classrooms - Online tools
Ideas to Inspire - ed tech resources
Partners in Learning - Free math resources
Refseek - Educator Resources - directory for the best teacher resources
Teachers Pay Teachers - Open marketplace for teachers
Toolkit A-Z for Education - Links to education resources

Online Tutoring Resources

Google Hangouts - Video Chat
Google Helpouts - In Beta Phase
Twiddla - Free online whiteboard sharing program

Math Websites for tutors

Edudemic - Connecting education and technology news website
Edutopia - The George Lucas Educational Foundation
Edutecher - ed tech info and blog
Edweek - Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook
Inside Higher Ed - News, blog, and information
Math Moves U - by Ratheon
NCTM - National Council of Teacher of Mathematics
xkcd - Webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language (some inappropriate language)
Yahoo Voices: Education - Featured Education Content

Math/Education Blogs

Alpha Delta Academy Blog - articles for students and tutors
The Tutor House - Blog for tutors
Become an Online Tutor - Online tutor blog
dy/dan - Math Educator Blog
f(t) - Math teaching blog
For Love of Learning - Middle School Math Blog
I Speak Math - blog integrating technology and math
The Learning Coach - Tools for Tutoring from a teacher, administrator, and tutor
Math Ninja - Math Tutor Blog
NY Times Blogs - Math education news
Point of Inflection - Ed tech blog
Rachel K Tutoring Blog - Elementary tutor blog
Reneepedia - Pre-K to elementary blog
So You Want to Teach - Teaching Blog
squareCircleZ - Math Blog
This Week in Education - Education blog by Alexander Russo
Tutor Hub - UK tutor blog
Tutors Nirvana Blog - Blog for tutors
Walking in Mathland - Math Teacher Blog
Web 2.0 Classroom - Ed Tech Blog


From Fish to Infinity - Steven Strogatz NY Times Opinion Pages
I Only Thought I Knew My Students - Ric Murry Teaching Village
Purity - xkcd
Test Scoring: The Elephant in the Room - Alexander Russo This Week in Education
What Makes a Great Teacher? - Amanda Ripley The Atlantic
xkcd: Verizon Billing - Speaking to someone who can’t do math


PDF to Word - Convert a PDF to a word file
Really Good Stuff - teaching supplies
Teampedia - Free Team building activities, ice breakers, teamwork resources, and tools

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