Monday, February 10, 2014

Math is Real life: Weighted Averages

This is my first time joining in on the Math is Real Life Linky.  I really enjoy when students are able to make connections to real life, and I love it even more when the idea comes from the family! 

Last week I was tutoring one of my Algebra 1 kiddos and his mom mentioned that the teacher (a long-term sub) had trouble teaching one of the concepts.  She said the students were all very frustrated with the topic and it seemed to drag on, and the teacher got frustrated and moved on to the next topic.  (We’ve all been there as teachers!!) 

I asked to see her son’s textbook to try to figure out what the topic was.  Lo and behold it was weighted averages.  Weighted average is a topic that fits loosely into the old California State Standards and the new common core.  And when I say loosely, I mean extremely loosely for Algebra 1.  However, it is one of those skills that is pretty important to know for real life, or at least for high school and college.

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