Friday, December 20, 2013

Math Fact Friday: Dad’s Worksheets

When I taught sixth grade math last year, I noticed a common denominator (no pun intended) between the students that were struggling.  None of them knew their math facts. 

Now I am a very conceptual teacher; however, once students understand HOW to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, they need to know how to do it quickly.  This usually involves little to no conceptual teaching which is why, I think, it has been forgotten by many teachers recently during the latest education fad.  Students have to have their math facts memorized.  It leads to more confidence, less time doing homework, and over all more success in math. 

This is why I instituted “Math Fact Fridays”.  At the start of the year, two of my sixth graders were at a 4th grade level in math, right before spring break, they were right on grade level.  I think a HUGE part of their success was Math Fact Fridays. 

This year I have started exclusively tutoring.  The students that are struggling in their classes don’t know their math facts.  Before I help them with their topics they are coving in class, I always have them learn their math facts.  The biggest improvement I have seen is by an in-depth review on math facts.

I’m going to be sharing resources I used with my sixth graders last year and those that I use with my tutoring students currently.  I hope you see as much success in your students with these resources as I have! is my FAVORITE website for math fact worksheets.  There are multiple versions for each worksheet and answer keys for each.

My favorite worksheets to use are the Conventional Times Table Practice.  These worksheets focus on one fact family at a time and are designed as 1-minute timed tests.  These are great for post-tests after focusing heavily on one fact family.

For pre-tests, I like the Spaceship Math Multiplication.  I use U, V, or W so I can see which problems the student knows.  I usually give them a minute or two and have them skip any problems they don’t know immediately.  If you use the Spaceship Math, he even has check off pages for students.

There are even Printable Flash Cards so your students can practice their math facts!

There is such a span of awesome worksheets on  You should definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

Teachers & Tutors: Have you used Dad’s Worksheets before?  Is there another website that you prefer to get your worksheets from?

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